Bathrooms are uniquely different from kitchens and other rooms of the home. Generally speaking, there are more materials in more forms available. For instance, marble can be used for almost any surface, whereas in a kitchen it is only recommended for specialty use such as dough preparation. Bathrooms are also complicated.

Complications notwithstanding, bathrooms really lend themselves to creativity. Once you get beyond performance and fixture issues, every surface can be made to reflect the home’s architectural style and features or it can be made to reflect the homeowner’s individual style and tastes. However, don’t forget bathrooms and kitchens sell homes.

Typically you have three or more plumbing fixtures in a very small area. You also have ventilation, lighting and multiple wet surfaces to deal with. For these reasons, costs can easily get out of control. As always, we recommend a detailed plan and budget prior to starting any projects.

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