Todays Value Proposition

DDS Design Services features high quality materials and eco-friendly options not usually found in a typical retail environment or contractor supply house. With an emphasis on the following:

Planning and Budgeting – Part of a good design is an accurate budget that details all material and labor needed to complete the project.

* Remember knowing how much you want to spend is not a budget it is a spending wish. Knowing how you are going to spend that amount on a per item basis is a budget!

We like to make our clients aware of green “eco-friendly” options that are durable and make sense financially.

Kitchens of today are about performance, value and in many cases respect for the environment. We believe that for the foreseeable future, kitchens and baths will very much be a “Value Proposition”.

We offer free in home consultations within our standard operating area.

We have a “Net Zero” fee structure on kitchen projects. Put simply; we typically refund the design fee proportionally with the purchase of materials typically used in a project. A maximum of 33% of the initial design fee will be applied to each item. Details are itemized in each client’s individual budget when the scope of project is established.