Traditional to Contemporary Kitchens

Traditional and Transitional design styles are sometimes different yet similar. What we are referring to here is simple. Many homes built in the 60’s and 70’s were updated versions of older, more identifiable design styles. After a few generations of style updating it becomes rather difficult to name that style. This can be exacerbated by builders and previous owners taking shortcuts to save money. For example, not trimming out doors and windows or, worse yet, trimming everything out in nondescript moldings with flat panel doors and cabinetry. BORING!

Contemporary designs are often sleek with minimal lines contrasted with exciting colors and/or exotic veneers. They tend to be clean and neat with a minimum of moldings.

DDS Design Services believes in blending or matching the interior of the home with the architectural details of the exterior and/or the period the home was originally built. Accordingly, when selecting cabinet door styles with a client we ask them to consider the bigger picture, literally. This approach leaves room for a homeowner to apply their sense of style while avoiding the mistake of creating a home that is so conflicted in styles no one wants to buy it when the time comes to sell. See the following projects in our gallery for examples:

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To provide our client with the best materials in the greater Chicago area we partnered with the Vista, Kith, and Vantage Cabinetry from KraftMaid.