Stainless Steel Cleaner

Need something to clean your Stainless Steel? Try this great American made cleaner from a family owned business!

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Buyer Beware

So you are about to buy a new home. You are impressed with the builder. You love all the moldings and built-in cabinetry. In this price range you expect quality. You’re not worried everything is new, high quality made in America. Right?

Yeah, maybe, maybe not so much.

The “Ask The Kitchen Guy” blog is written by Jeff Kida, Owner DDS Design Services, LLC in Villa Park, IL. Jeff Kida is known for innovative kitchen designs and kitchen remodeling projects that use Eco-friendly products and accurate budgets.

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Rethinking The Kitchen Work Triangle

This article written for Remodeling Magazine by Jeff Kida of DDS Design Services, LLC Villa Park, IL discusses the relevance of the traditional “Kitchen Work Triangle” and the newer concept of “Zone Kitchen Design”

Jeff Kida has written several articles for Remodeling Magazine and also publishes the “Ask The Kitchen Guy” blog on the DDS Design Services website. Jeff Kida is a Kitchen designer in the Chicago area and has worked on kitchen projects for clients all throughout the United States.

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Universal Head Ache #1

Jeff Kida writes in his “Ask The Kitchen Guy” blog an article discussing “Universal Design” and “Aging In Place” construction. Jeff Kida is the owner of DDS Design Services, LLC and is known for his “Reasonably Green” kitchen design concept. He has also know for green kitchen design, Eco-friendly Kitchen Design, Bungalow Kitchen Design. He is considered a top Green Kitchen Designer and is a NARI Certified Remodeler.

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As Seen On TV

Jeff Kida of DDS Design Services, LLC comments on the state of Home Improvement television.

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Going Going Green

Dear Kitchen Guy: We are looking to remodel our home over the next 12 to 18 months. We would like to be Eco-friendly but we are not sure where to start and the big box stores have been no help. What do you suggest?

A: As always, I recommend a thorough plan and budget before you start shelling out money for projects. Here is the process I suggest you use to remodel your home and make it more green or Eco-friendly:

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Maintaining Your Home – (Energy = Dollars)

There are five steps you can take to make keep your kitchen and home in general running smoothly. First organize your information. Second, create a team of qualified people and/or companies to assist you in doing what needs to be done. Third, do a complete and comprehensive assessment of your home; you will probably need professional help for this step. Fourth, create a maintenance and repair plan with schedule and expected costs. Fifth, incorporate these items into your household budget.

Jeff Kida in his Ask The Kitchen Guy Blog addresses the issue of home maintenance.

Jeff Kida is the owner of DDS Design Services, LLC and author of the Ask The Kitchen Guy blog. DDS Design Services is a Kitchen & Bath design firm and dealer that creates unique kitchen and baths for all budgets. DDS Design Services also features many green kitchen design options and Eco-friendly materials. They are also the home of the “Reasonably Green” kitchen.

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DDS Design Service

To provide our client with the best materials in the greater Chicago area we partnered with the Vista, Kith, and Vantage Cabinetry from KraftMaid.