Do I Update or Totally Remodel My Kitchen?

Do I Update or Totally Remodel My Kitchen? There are several factors you must consider in this situation. Will the room be up to code when finished? How is it going to function and look if you update? Will it have the features and look a totally new kitchen will have? What do comparable kitchens in your area look like and how are they equipped? Look towards the future, when it comes time to sell will the kitchen be an asset or a liability. Should you seek the advice of a professional?

Written by Jeff Kida, past articles cover topics related to Green Kitchen Design and other eco friendly options as well as how to plan and budget a kitchen remodeling project.

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DDS Design Services Wins Chicago Home Improvement Magazine’s Make Over of The Month

DDS Design Services home of the Ask The Kitchen Guy Blog is proud to announce it was awarded Chicago Home Improvement Magazine’s Make Over of The Month for January / February Issue. Jeff Kida owner of DDS Design Services – We put a lot of time and effort into this project and we are happy to be recognized by this fine publication.

Designing green kitchens is moving from concept to discipline. We do our best to let people know that if they are looking for basic information on designing a green or eco-friendly, or engage in a reasonably or completely green kitchen design process we can help.

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The Kitchen Guys – Commandments for a successful kitchen remodel

The Kitchen Guys – Commandments for a successful kitchen remodel. Jeff Kida offers his list of Commandments to a successful kitchen project. Items covered include, “Reasonably Green” kitchen design, planning, budgeting, use of eco-friendly products, hiring the right designer or kitchen professional and understanding the process.

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Reasonably Green Kitchen Project

The recently completed “Reasonably Green” kitchen project in Villa Park, IL from Jeff Kida, principal of DDS Design Services, LLC ( and features green or eco friendly products that are reasonably priced and readily available. The materials for Green or eco friendly kitchens are now achievable at reasonable prices and availability. Creating “Reasonably Green” kitchens helps bring any home into the 21st century.

Jeff Kida – Our goal here was to build a kitchen from reasonably priced and readily available materials that are environmentally friendly. We also wanted to show you can achieve a traditional style and color scheme using frame-less cabinetry and other nontraditional materials. Green doesn’t have to mean bamboo.

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Free Kitchen Planner and Measure Form

DDS design Services just made it’s latest kitchen “Project Planner and Measuring Form” available for free download at It is a very valuable tool

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DDS Design Service

To provide our client with the best materials in the greater Chicago area we partnered with the Vista, Kith, and Vantage Cabinetry from KraftMaid.